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Winners of the Start-up Yoga Challenge Competition 2022

Abstracts selected for Oral Paper Presentation
Registered List! Guidelines for Poster & Oral presentation

# Name E-Mail Title
1 Dr.M.R.Monicaasun drmonicaasun27@gmail.com Efficacy of probiotics in the role of weight gain in infants. A systematic review and meta analysis
2 Dr. Sucheta Pramod Yangad suchetay50@gmail.com A systemic review of effect of yoga on stress among nursing professionals
3 Dr. Naveen Kumar S dr.dubbu@gmail.com Efficacy of acupressure as a pain management tool for knee osteoarthritis among geriatric patients: A Meta Analysis.
4 Dr. Sudha Bala dr.sudhabala78@gmail.com Prevalence, determinants and Impact of junk food consumption on body weight among College going students of Hyderabad
5 Dr. Sushma Katkuri katkurisushma@gmail.com A study to assess Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices about Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy for any adverse health conditions among Allied Health care Workers in a Tertiary care teaching Hospital- A Cross Sectional Study
6 Dr. Abitone V R abitone.avr@gmail.com Immediate effect of cold mud pack therapy on Autonomic variables in primary hypertensive individuals: A Randomized Trial
7 Dr. Kavita Fogawat, fogawatkavita555@gmail.com Role of Sukshmavyayamas (yogic loosening exercises) in alleviating general body stiffness, fatigue, improving flexibility and quality of life in heavy workers from low socio economic background: A parallel-group randomized waitlist controlled trial
8 Dr. Sunita Girish Methylation status of vitamin D genes controlling interleukin-6 levels in cytokine storm in patients with severe Covid-19.
9 Dr. Nitesh M K, nithi.mkhnpura@gmail.com Effect of Steam Bath and Sauna Bath on Serum Triglyceride Levels in Obese Individuals- A Comparative Study
10 Dr. Somisetty Koushik Gupta somisettykoushik@gmail.com Effect of Yoga and Naturopathy based intervention on nerve conduction in type 2 diabetes patients – a prospective matched control trial
11 Dr. Roshitha P roshi.p859@gmail.com Effect of Black Sesame Seeds on Hemoglobin Concentration Among Young Females with Anemia - A Randomized Controlled Trial
12 Dr. Pravalika B, 303bpravalika@gmail.com Yoga for musculoskeletal pain, discomfort, perceived stress, and quality of sleep in industry workers: A randomized controlled trial
13 Dr. Abhijna Comparative Study on the Effect of Acupuncture and Neutral Hipbath in Young Females with Primary Dysmenorrhea – A Prospective Randomized Trial.
14 Dr. Divyashree M N drdivyashreemn@gmail.com Effect of Cyclic Meditation And Mind Sound Resonance Technique On Cardio-Respiratory Variables, Quality Of Sleep And Anxiety In Alcohol Dependent Individuals: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial.
15 Dr. Udhayalakshmi M, dr_udhayalakshmi@yahoo.com Adherence to yoga and naturopathic Lifestyle Intervention Improved Glycaemic variables and Auditory Reaction Time among diabetes Individuals
16 Dr. Karishma Silwal, silwalkarishma2018@gmail.com Association between daily sunlight exposure and fasting blood glucose levels in Indian adults with Type 2 diabetes mellitus or at risk of diabetes: A population-based cross-sectional study.
17 Dr. Ramya Sathish ramyasekar9@gmail.com Evaluating the effect of a Naturopathic diet on urine pH in patients aged between 18 and 60 years taking treatment in a residential Naturopathy hospital at Coimbatore

Abstracts selected for Poster Presentation
Registered List! Guidelines for Poster & Oral presentation

# Name E-Mail Title
1 Naveen Kumar S dr.dubbu@gmail.com Evolution of Taste Medicine
2 Dr. Bhavani Prasad G. urukramakrishna@gmail.com The knowledge, attitude and practice about Ayush systems among allopathy health care professional after covid pandemic- a questionnire based study.
3 Mayur Ashok Giri mayurgeer@gmail.com Gut microbiome and gut symbiosis
4 Dr. Anuradha Khandekar anuradhakhandekar@mgims.ac.in To evaluate the efficacy of “Chakramard Tail” an Ayurvedic preparation on Dadru Kushta as local application w. r. t. fungal infection (Ring Worm) in newly diagnosed as well as chronic cases: Case series.
5 Dr. Y Deepa sakshaayaan@gmail.com Advancing Naturopathy in the management of acute disease conditions
6 Dr. Veeram Muralidharareddy veerammuralireddy@gmail.com Effect of Naturopathy, Mudra and Nidra Yoga with supplementation Spirulina of in a Patient with Hypertension and Osteoarthritis a case study
7 Uma Maheswari R umagayathri22@gmail.com Effect of Yoga and Naturopathy in the management of Oligospermia
8 Ganesh Naduvakkurichi Santhanakrishnan drgayatriganesh@gmail.com The relevance of Yoga sutras of Patanjali today
9 Dr. Sumanlatha Pandey sumanpandey@mgims.ac.in Ayurvedic treatment in Vatrakt w.r.f Rheumatoid arthritis:A case study
10 Dr. Kumari Malvika kumarimalvika632@gmail.com Need of Yoga & Naturopathy Integration as a system of Medicine in AYUSH Directorate Bihar.
11 M. perarasu Kannan perarasukannan79034@gmail.com Yoga
12 Nivetha M drnivethamanimuthubnys@gmail.com To study the efficacy of Yoga and Naturopathy Intervention in the management of hypothyroidism with uterine dysfunction
13 Bhajan Bishnoi drbhajanbishnoi@gmail.com Natural healing method of Naturopathy & Yoga Psychology
14 Dr. M. R. Monicaasun drmonicaasun27@gmail.com Earthing - Its Bioelectrical and Physiological Processes