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  • Netizens and Citizens to be sensitized on Naturopathy & Natural way of living
  • Awareness: To Create Awareness about Naturopathy among the masses
  • Treatment: To integrate treatment of diseases with Naturopathy for faster recovery and maintain better health
  • Use: To propagate less use of refined salt, sugar, processed foods and instead use more fruits , Vegetables, cereals, millets and juices..
  • Reduce: To Reduce morbidity and mortality due to NCDs
  • Enhance: To enhance public participation and awareness for Naturopathy
  • Help: To learn to help oneself and their community through Naturopathy
  • Encourage: To encourage home remedies, kitchen garden and kitchen pharmacy
  • Allow: To allow for the body to heal thyself
  • Learn: To learn simple and natural living
  • Scientific: To propagate scientific basis of Naturopathy as an Integrative Medicine


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